The focus areas and objectives of the DroneITS R&D project include, but not limited to:

UAVs Emplacement Planning

Selection of initial locations where to place UAVs parking within the city and number of parked UAVs is important to ensure efficiency of the executed applications.

UAVs Dynamic Coordination

Designing optimal coordination algorithm(s) to enable set of UAVs join-forces to execute a common applications and targets.

UAV-based Data Routing

Some of the targeted applications requires more than one UAVs to fly together, and these UAVs require reliable communication protocols to enable the best coordination.

Cyber Security and Privacy for UAVs

To give a chance for our outcomes to go to the market it would be important to consider security and privacy when it comes to connected flying nodes (UAVs).

Proof of Concept

DroneITS is an applied research and therefore one of the key expected outcomes is the implementation of prototype that can run few main applications to proof the concept.


Whenever we get chance, the DroneITS outcomes (prototype) will be show cased through real-field and in-lab demonstrations.

Latest News

Latest news about DroneITS project and team.


Check out this new video about our fully automated flight and precise landing for drones

A showcase of our end-to-end flight automation including precise landing by combining GPS and Computer. Automation of landing on a small surfa

Riding bus

Drones to ride land transport? And interesting idea we elaborate in our new paper that got accepted for publication in IEEE VTC2019-Spring

What if we let drones/UAVs to ride land #transportĀ (buses) to extend their batteries lifetime i.e. their missions coverage in terms of time and

Flying Road Side Unit (RSU), a solution we have developed using drones (UAV) to quickly deploy an RSU at locations that were not included in the


Autmated Landing using Computer Vision AI

Below is a short video showing the field test and validation of the computer vision based landing solution that has been developed by the DroneIT

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